Pray for Your Child to be Compassionate

Prayer changes hearts, take a moment to pray Scripture today:

Heavenly Father, I pray that _____ would open his(her) arms to the poor and extend his(her) hands to the needy. ~Amen
(Proverbs 31:20)


Pray for Your Child to Have a Discerning Heart

God calls us to pray without ceasing.  

Gracious God, I pray that You would give _____ a wise and discerning heart so that he(she) can distinguish between right and wrong. ~Amen (1 Kings 16:7, 11)

Pray for Your Child’s Mentors

God calls us to be persistent in prayer.  Pray a Scripture today:

Heavenly Father, Put people in _____’s life who will gently instruct him(her); and grant _____  repentance  and lead him(her) to a knowledge of the Truth.  Cause _____ to come to his(her) senses and escape the trap of the devil, who has taken him(her) captive to do his will.  ~Amen (2 Timothy 2:25-26)

Pray a Blessing Over Your Child’s School Year

It’s exciting to use God’s own words in prayer.  

Heavenly Father, May _____ give thanks to You, God, and call on Your name.  May he(she) sing to You and tell of all Your wonderful acts.  May _____ glory in Your holy name; as he(she) seeks You, let him(her) rejoice.  May _____ look to You, Lord and to Your strength,  may _____ seek Your face always.  ~Amen
(1 Chronicles 16:8-11)