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Servant’s Heart

Take a moment and pray

Ephesians 2:10   Heavenly Father, Thank You  that _child’s name_ is Your workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which You have prepared in advance for him/her to do.   ~Amen

Thank You, God, for creating my child, one of a kind.  Thank You for having a purpose for his/her life, and that You have things for him/her to accomplish.  You are wonderful, God.

Willing to Wait on God

Pray for your child today from I Corinthians 2:9 and Isaiah 64:4

Heavenly Father, thank You that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what You have prepared for _____ because he/she love You.

Cause _____ to be willing to wait on You, and act on his/her behalf.

Lord, help ____ seek out your counsel for every situation in his/her life.  Let it become a habit. ~Amen

Purpose in Life

Lord, bless child’s name today and remind him/her that You have an eternal purpose for him/her.

God, You have a plan for _____’s life, You have things for _____ to accomplish.  Use _____ in a mighty way, for Your glory.  ~Amen

2 Corinthians  5:5 Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.


Pray today from Jeremiah 29, verses 11 thru 13:

Lord, You know the plans you have for child’s name, plans to prosper him/her and not to harm him/her, plans to give him/her a hope and a future. 

God, I ask that you cause ______ to call upon you and come and pray to you, and then listen to ______, O Lord. 

Let ______ seek you with all his/her heart, and find You when they do seek you.