Do Good

Pray for your child today from Colossians 6, verse 9:

Heavenly Father, don’t let child’s name become weary in doing good.

Let _____ know that at the proper time  they will reap a harvest if they do not give up.

Build my child up, Lord, to be strong and perservering in this world, in this life ahead. 


Your Word

Pray today for your child from Proverbs 7, verses 2 and 3

Heavenly Father, Let child’s name keep your words and store up your commands so that he/she will live. 

Cause _____ to guard your teachings as the apple of his/her eye, let them be written on the tablet of _____’s heart.

God, give my child a love for your Word; help him/her to see it as the precious treasure it is; let him/her read it, memorize it, and put it into action.  ~Amen

Whatever You Do

Pray for your child today from Colossians 3, verse 23:

Whatever child’s name does, may they work at it with all their heart, as working for you, Lord, not for other people.


God, build into my child confidence in themself, their words and their actions, that they would work to please You rather than be noticed by others. Give them internal satisfaction from a job well done.