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Golden Rule

Pray today from Luke 6,  verse 27 through 31:

Lord, cause child’s name to love their enemies,
to do good to those who hate him/her,
to bless those who curse him/her,
to pray for those who mistreat him/her. 

Help _____ do to others as they would have them do to _____.

God, help _____ to be a good friend.  Help him/her to reach out to others in friendship, and in love.  ~Amen


Your Word

Pray today for your child from Proverbs 7, verses 2 and 3

Heavenly Father, Let child’s name keep your words and store up your commands so that he/she will live. 

Cause _____ to guard your teachings as the apple of his/her eye, let them be written on the tablet of _____’s heart.

God, give my child a love for your Word; help him/her to see it as the precious treasure it is; let him/her read it, memorize it, and put it into action.  ~Amen

Humility & Love For Others

Pray for your child today from Philippians 2, verses 3 and 4:

“Help child’s name do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit,

but in humility let child’s name consider others better than themselves.

Let child’s name look not only to his or her own interests, but also to the interest of others.”

God, help my child be aware of the needs of others and find joy in helping to meet those needs.  ~Amen


From Mark 12:30 and 31:

“Lord, may child’s name love the Lord their God with all their heart,

and with all their soul,

and with all their mind,

and with all their strength.

Help child’s name love their neighbors as themself, because there is no greater commandment.”

God, may child’s name know you and love you with everything that they are, every day of their life.