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Pray for Your Child’s Character

Praying in faith moves the heart of God, take a moment to pray for someone you’re concerned about:

Gracious God, May _____ get rid of any anger or rage in his(her) life, help _____ also get rid of any malicious behavior, slander, or dirty language. Don’t let _____ lie to others; instead may _____ clothe himself(herself) with a brand new nature that is continually being renewed as he(she) learn more and more about Christ, who created this new nature within _____.  ~Amen (Colossians 3:8-10 NLT)

Pray for God to Protect Your Child

Praying builds faith, begin your prayer time with Scripture: 

Good and gracious God, remind _____ how much you have helped him(her); may _____ sing for joy in the shadow of Your protecting wings.
Follow close behind _____, I praise You that Your right hand holds _____ securely.  ~Amen (Psalm 63:7-8 NLT)

Pray for Your Child’s Word Choices

The Holy Spirit gives each one power to overcome disobedience, begin your prayer time with Scripture:

Heavenly Father, Help ____ be an honest witness who tells the truth. Help him(her) not be a person who makes cutting remarks, instead give him(her) words of wisdom that bring healing.  ~Amen (Proverbs 12:17 NLT)

Pray for Your Child in Distress

Prayer from a heart of faith is powerful, start your prayer time with a Scripture:

Gracious God, remind ____ to call on You, God, for You will rescue him(her). Be it morning, noon, or night when _____ is in distress, You, O Lord, hear his(her) voice. Rescue _____ and keep him(her) safe.  ~Amen (Psalm 55:16-18 NLT)

Pray for Your Child from Psalm 139

When you are weary, call upon the Holy Spirit to help you pray, pray a Scripture right now: 

Holy Father,  You know what _____ is going to say even before he(she) says it. Shine Your light on the darkness of _____’s life so he(she) cannot hide from you. Search  _____ and know his(her) heart…lead him(her) in the path of everlasting life.  ~Amen (Psalm 139 NLT)

Pray for Your Child’s Spiritual Growth

Nothing is too difficult for God, pray for someone you care about today starting with a Scripture: 

Heavenly Father, Let _____ roots grow down into You, Lord, and draw up nourishment from Christ, so he(she) will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth. Let _____’s life overflow with thanksgiving for all he(she) has done.  ~Amen (Colossians 2:7-8 NLT)

Pray for Your Child to Have a Humble Spirit 

Have confidence as you approach God’s throne in prayer.  Begin your prayer time with a Scripture:

Lord God, Help _____ not be selfish or live to make a good impression on others. Instead let _____ be humble, thinking of others as better than himself(herself). May _____ not think only about his(her) own affairs, but be interested in others too, and what they are doing. ~Amen (Philippians 2:3-4 NLT)

Pray for Your Child’s Devotion to God 

Prayer is powerful, begin your prayer time with a Scripture:

May _____ love You Lord God, with all of his(her) heart, all of his(her) soul, all of his(her) mind, and all of his(her) strength. And let _____ love his(her) neighbor as himself(herself), because there is no commandment greater than these. ~Amen (Mark 12:30-31 NLT)

Pray for Your Child to Follow God

Engage in purpose driven prayer using Scripture:

Gracious God, I pray that You would show _____ the path where he(she) should walk, O Lord, point out the right road for him(her) to follow. Lead _____ by Your truth and teach him(her), for You are the God who saves _____. All day long, may he(she) put his(her) hope in You. ~Amen (Psalm 25:4-5 NLT)