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Pray for Your Child — Honesty

Prayer changes hearts, take a moment to personalize Scripture and pray from someone you’re concerned about.  

Heavenly Father, Help _____ to watch his(her) tongue!  Keep his(her) lips from telling lies! Help _____ turn away from evil and do good. May he(she) work hard at living in peace with others.  ~Amen
(Psalm 34:13-14 NLT)


Pray for Your Teen’s Struggles

Entrusting your child to God through prayer brings comfort. Begin your prayer time with a Scripture today.  

You, O Lord, spread out _____’s sins , his(her) secret sins, and You see them all.  When _____ stumbles, teach him(her) to make the most of his(her) time so that he(she) may grow in wisdom.  ~Amen
(Psalm 90:8, 12 NLT)

Pray for Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Spirit intercedes in prayer on your behalf; personalize this Scripture today as a prayer.  

Lord, You have given each of us different gifts, help _____ to use the gifts You’ve given; whether it be ministering, teaching, exhorting/encouraging, may he(she) do it well.  If You’ve gifted _____ to give, may he(she) give liberally; if the gift is leading, may he(she) lead with diligence; if the gift is showing mercy, may he(she) give mercy cheerfully.  ~Amen.  (Romans 12:6-8 NLT)

Pray for Your Child’s Source of Strength

Begin your prayer time with God’s word.  

Gracious God, I pray when _____ looks up to the mountains, may he(she) know that his(her) strength does not come from them but from You, O God, the one who made heaven and earth and mountains.  God, You are _____’s guardian, be right at his(her) side, protecting him(her).  ~Amen (Psalm 121: 1,2, 5 MSG)

Pray for Your Child’s Money Management

Praying builds faith, personalize Scripture as a prayer today.  

Lord God, Teach _____ to sow generously so that he(she) might reap generously. Guide him(her) in how much he(she) should give. May _____ not give reluctantly or in response to pressure; let him(her) be
a person who loves You and gives cheerfully.  ~Amen
(2 Corinthians 9:6-8 NLT)

Pray for Your Child’s Dating Life

God calls us to be persistent in prayer, use personalized Scripture as a prayer today. 

Dear God, when _____’s dates, may he(she) not team up with those who are unbelievers.  May _____ see that goodness cannot partner with wickedness, and light cannot live with darkness.  Remind _____ that he(she) is a temple of the living God.  ~Amen
(2 Corinthians 6:14-17 NLT)